Sammaan Fabrics is an indigenous and one of the flagship products of Sammaan Fabrics Pvt. Ltd. The product ranges from 100% cotton fabrics to blended fabrics. The list includes Polyester / Cotton blended fabrics, 100% Polyester fabrics (Filamanents, Spun, Both), Polyester / Viscose fabrics, Cotton / Polyester / Viscose fabric and Mixture or blended of any of the above combination Value added Printed, Embroidery & Jacquard fabrics. Everyone at Sammaan Fabrics Pvt. Ltd. is focused and dedicated to serve our customers with the finest fabric. After all, we take SAMMAAN in enhancing your personality.


LINOWORLD – 100% Linen fabrics suitable for shirting, trousers , beach wear & party wear for men & women.